Friday, September 28, 2012

Listia - A New Bastion for Cardboard?

Listia will soon replace the eBay as the hub of all low-value card transactions because of their abundance of seemingly free auctions. They represent a marketplace that does not demand an egregious barrier to entry to their sellers and allows the buyers to more accurately value low-end goods offered from buyers.

I have picked up numerous autographs, relics, and other hard-to-find cards on the site and have invested no cash in the project (however, my most valuable resource, time, has been taxed).

The secret to my success is to be as active a seller as possible in a category other than cards, preferably one that allows a high credit-to-postage return (hint: don't ship anything). This strategy serves my needs twofold:
  1. There is a constant stream of credits into my account that requires no financial outlay
  2. Allows access to a much larger marketshare of customers than the card collecting community, thus causing the demand for the supply to be much higher.

Because I have no need to rely on any cards I list to bring in considerable amounts of credit, I can afford to auction my cards for low credits (usually between 1-10) and charge for shipping. Charging for shipping greatly lowers the amount of credits you will receive, so it's not a strategy I recommend for most.

I charge $1 shipping to cover PayPal fees ($.33), postage ($.45), envelope, sleeve, toploader ($.07), and leaves a little bit left to cover other miscellaneous costs. The upside to this is that I haven't lost any money, which is hugely important in the hobby.

The same sale on eBay, which you would probably see listed as a single insert card for $0.99 with free shipping, would cost you an extra $.09 in final value fees and you would lose $.01 in revenue, it may seem like not a lot, but that $.10 represents an additional 10% loss!

The site is still developing, and can act very clunky at times, but it is a great place for value trades and finds.

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