Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project:Cardboard - 1957 Topps for Charity?

My previous career was as a nonprofit mind tends to drift towards engaging disparate causes to raise funds/awareness for causes...this is an idea I've been chewing on for a few days now, and I would like your feedback.

Basically, the idea is to crowdsource the collecting community to build a set of 1957 Topps Baseball cards and then auction the set, giving all proceeds to a charity collectively chosen by the donors of the cards. Below is a rough prospectus and guidelines for the project.

I would LOVE feedback, and would greatly appreciate if anyone wants to volunteer to help out. Send me an email if you'd like more information:

Project: Cardboard

To engage the hobby in noble crowdsourcing endeavors for the benefit of others.

Connecting the past with tools of today for a better tomorrow.

Project Objective
To (1) assemble an entire set of 1957 Topps baseball cards, all of which are contributed by collectors, then (2) auction the set, and then (3) donate the gross proceeds to a children-focused charity.
Card Process
  1. A collector will send a card to the Project Lead, and the Project Lead will provide an email receipt to the collector when the card is received.
  2. A scan of the front and back of the card will be posted to the Project’s blog, and the Project’s checklist will be updated to show the card has been received.
  3. The card will then be stored in a protective casing, the least of which would be a penny sleeve and top loader, and placed with the rest of the set inside a fireproof, waterproof safe.

 Duplicate Cards
  • If a two or more of the same cards are received, then the card with the best overall quality will be included in the base set and the card with the next best overall quality will be included in the supplementary team set. 
  • Any card that is not of the best or next-best quality will be made available for trade or auction as determined by the Project moderators. 

Non-Set Card Contributions
Collectors are encouraged to contribute cards to the Project that are not from the 1957 Topps baseball set. These cards will be used to facilitate trades to complete the 1957 Topps baseball set or to otherwise offset the Project’s operations.

Auction Process
The start date of the auction will occur no sooner than 30 days after the date of the set’s completion. The 30-day period is to allow enough time to properly document, market, and prepare the set for auction.

Charity Contribution Process
Within 48 hours of the set being completed an email will be sent to all Project contributors with a list of 10 charities who could receive funding from the set’s auction. Within 7 days of the email being sent, each contributor must elect one of the 10 charities to receive the collector’s votes by replying to the original email and indicating their choice of charity. A collector’s votes will be determined as follows:
  • 25 votes – For each professionally-graded 1957 Topps baseball card contributed 
  • 10 votes – For each 1957 Topps baseball card contributed 
  • 2 votes – For each significant non-set card contribution, as determined by the Project’s moderators. 
The final vote tally will be announced within 3 days of the close of voting, and the two charities with the most votes will receive proceeds from the auction, relative to the number of votes received between the two.
·         For example, Charities A and B receive the most votes with Charity A receiving 500 votes and Charity B receiving 300 votes, for a total of 800 votes. Charity A would receive 62.5% of the proceeds (500/800=.625) and Charity B would receive 37.5% of the proceeds (300/800=.375).

Card Quality
The Project’s aim is to build an entire set of 1957 Topps baseball cards regardless of each individual card’s quality; however, we understand that higher quality cards are more coveted, which is why the set will be constantly updated with the highest quality card we receive. Considerations, in the form of extra votes for the charity recipient, are afforded to contributions of professionally-graded 1957 Topps baseball cards.

The purpose of the Project is to contribute to charities, not to facilitate trades. However, we understand that some cards have a high value and may require special considerations. Trades will be considered in the following circumstances:
  • The Project has been active for at least six months. 
  • The proposed contribution is not already included in the set at the time the trade is proposed. 
All trades must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Project’s moderators. Cash or other financial incentives will never be offered for trade.

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