Thursday, September 27, 2012

The 1:1,438,162 Pull

My previous post included mention of a surprising set of pulls from a single hobby box of 2012 Topps Chrome: a base, X-Fractor, and Atomic Refractor of card #4, David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox.

I queried to conclude the post, "What are the odds of that?"

Well, the odds of making that set of pulls in one box are 1:1,438,162 boxes, not packs, boxes.

I considered trying to collect a rainbow of these cards (rainbow, for those unitiated in the hobby's parlance, means each color parallel of the card [and is also probably the worst descriptor ever]), but then promptly traded away the base and the Atomic Refractor - the X-Fractor continues to haunt.

Does nobody collect X-Fractors? I can get rid of every other parallel with no problems, but the X-Fractors are an enigma.

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