Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Problem With Topps 2012 #US29

So Topps' original 2012 Update Series had Brad Lidge as card #US29. Lidge, released by the Nationals in June, has not played ball since his release.

So Topps removed Lidge from '12 Update Series, and they replaced him with...are you ready?

Jonathan Sanchez. Of the San Francisco Giants Kansas City Royals Colorado Rockies (disabled list).

I have a feeling that #US29 will never be worth much more than the cardboard it was printed on, which means I'll probably be the sucker that pulls every parallel and printing plate ever created for the card. The gods laugh at me, constantly.

Here's a listing of the other switches for Topps' 2012 Update Series, format is 'Card Number, Replacement, [Originally Planned]':

  • US29 Jonathan Sanchez [Brad Lidge]
  • US53 Omar Infante [Josh Reddick]
  • US71 Brett Myers [Jon Rauch]
  • US79 Mike Baxter [Brandon Allen]
  • US83 Carlos Lee [Humberto Quintero]
  • US86 Anibal Sanchez [Yonder Alonso]
  • US159 Ben Sheets [Zack Stewart]
  • US165 Jacob Turner [Omar Vizquel]
  • US180 Roy Oswalt [Livan Hernandez]
  • US190 Francisco Cordero [Marlon Byrd]
  • US212 Trevor Bauer [Brett Lawrie]
  • US266 Brandon Lyon [Mike Aviles]
  • US272 Ichiro [Trevor Cahill]
  • US286 J.A. Happ [Nick Punto]
  • US307 Ryan Roberts [Josh Reddick]

I would have rather pulled an Ichiro and a Trevor Cahill than an Ichiro and a Jonathan Sanchez, but I'm betting the licensing costs for Sanchez were a lot less than Cahill...

I'm busting a few jumbo boxes of Update Series this week (or early next) - stay tuned for the analysis.

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  1. I wonder why Reddick was pulled from multiple card numbers?