Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Closing Thoughts - 2012 Topps Update Series Break

Nearly 2am, all the cards have been logged into a massive spreadsheet. Some obvious patterns have emerged regarding collation and placement of key cards....pretty standard.

I was amazed by the disparity between the two boxes. Box #1 had 14 Golden Giveaway code cards, Box #2 had 10. Box #1 had two amazing autos (GM Wren and Cespedes) and Box #2 had one lousy auto (Hamburger). 

The serial-numbered gold cards seemed to be a gigantic filler and could have easily been left out of the set (there is nothing more disheartening than pulling card after card of a 990-card insert set that you will never attempt).

Most of the cards will end up on the 'Bay or on Listia. I will post links once they are live. I'll have more detailed analysis of the break throughout the week. I understand the sample size is nowhere near ideal, but we're not dealing with perfect randomness either, so I think it will work out.

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