Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Listia's Immaturity - Great Deals, Odd Users

I previously posted a very glowing review of Listia and how it was the future and blah blah blah...

Although I still like Listia and it has perks over the 'Bay, it is somewhat lacking in the professionalism found on the 'Bay.

I have posted about ~150 card auctions on Listia from a stock of ~60 cards. Even though the listings clearly stated $1 shipping, I received shipping charges from maybe 25% of the winners.

One responses I received from a non-payers, however, was very memorable:

  • from JD11592: dont have a pay pal keep your crap

Some of the payers have had unique reactions, too:

  • After paying $2 for shipping via PayPal, and confirming via email to me that he received the items, user DrizztBingaman filed a PayPal refund request claiming I had made an unauthorized withdrawal from his account. I emailed PayPal a PDF copy of his email to me stating he had received the cards and PayPal dropped the dispute (the first time I as the buyer have ever won a case with PayPal!)
  • One user asked to mail $1 because they only had $.93 in their PayPal account, which I said was fine. Yesterday I received a large, hand-made bubble mailer that I figured held a bunch of relic cards or something very, very fragile. Inside, taped together with a bunch of packaging tape was $1 in loose change from the buyer. The postage for the package to send me $1? $1.64. How did they pay? PayPal...

Listia makes eBay look like the mature sibling.

I have won a boatload of vintage Topps cards (not disclosing the particular year because the average card has already risen from ~750 credits to ~1500 credits in the past two weeks), but I will post pictures of some other fun stuff soon (maybe, who knows).

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  1. Yeah, I got into it for a while but all it takes is a couple of saps to turn you off the whole site.

    The customer help crap on their site is terribly arranged so it's hard to find how to actually contact somebody and the site overall just seem to be a bit unpolished in critical areas.

    I spent 2 months listing cards just to get my mom a replacement ipod touch she had dropped. I spent about $80 in postage but it was a great price to get the ipod at.

    It was also the most nerve wracking time of my life.

    Haven't even visited it in months.