Monday, October 8, 2012

Mid-Box Update - Topps 2012 Update Series - Box #1

I have busted 5 of the 10 packs of my first HTA Jumbo Box of Topps 2012 Update Series...and I have completed 51.5% of a base set:

  • 170 of the 330-card set pulled
  • 198 base cards pulled of the projected 250 cards in the packs
  • 28 duplicate base cards
The un-perfect collation isn't quite as ridiculous as the Topps Chrome box I busted, yet.


  1. I pulled an entire base set in my Jumbo box. I also got triples of a handful of cards as well which I thought was a little odd. Oh yeah, I got one duplicate of an insert as well.

  2. I've already pulled a duplicate of one insert, the A-Rod Blockbuster card. I'm only 7 packs through. My spreadsheet is insane.