Monday, October 1, 2012

Topps Chases A Million More Dollars with a Terrible 2013 Series One Promotion

The unoriginality of Topps' 2013 Series One contest "The Million Dollar Chase" is mind-numbingly absurd.

This ploy reminds me of a similar promotion that made national headlines months ago last week.

Here's a press release from MLB on their near-identical promotion: MLBAM Statement On Beat The Streak® Presented By Scotts

So, as stated by MLB, it seems that in over a decade nobody has been able to put together 57 consecutive fantasy-style hits even when they had every single MLB player available. And Topps wants us to believe that their promotion is different, how?

Topps' promotion is much more restrictive, you can only use players you unlock with code cards, so if you only pull five or six code cards, your likelihood of putting together the streak is pretty slim.

Also, I love how much of a shill Cardboard Connection is for Topps. Here's a PDF of Topps' Million Dollar Chase promotional flyer, and here's Cardboard Connection's article on the promotion; maybe their PR folks work for the same firm?

I doubt the other giveaways being promised by Topps for this Chase will be any more lucrative (or non-virtual) than the bloated Golden Giveaway coin chest.

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