Friday, July 5, 2013

Help! Need Checklist for Oakland Athletics Promo Card Set

So my Mom found a give-away pack of cards from an Oakland Athletics' game in 2006 and I am trying to find the checklist for the set.

The pack I have, pictured below, is shrink-wrapped and I really really really don't want to open it.

The first card in the pack is Eric Chavez (and I'm presuming it's card #1, but have no way of verifying):

And the last card, #12, is for Joe Blanton:

The giveaway was sponsored by the Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland and was limited to 10,000 sets.

Does anyone know anything more about this set? Other players, etc.?

I can't find anything anywhere.



    Yeah, yeah, I know it's Beckett. But you don't need to subscribe to access their database (only their pricing and other features that I have no use for cost money). I was able to figure out which set it was just by going to and searching for "Joe Blanton 12" (the card number on the back.)

  2. Snap! Thank you!! I found the Joe Blanton card on Beckett a while back but obviously didn't do enough clicking around to find the whole checklist.